Back to College

Make your room your home away from home with college dorm essentials from laptops and tablets to cookware and appliances. Whether you’re going back to school or off to college for the first time, has everything you need to go back to college for less.

What items do I need for my dorm kitchen?

You don’t have to live off of instant noodles. Hot plates and electric grills are an easy and convenient way to create meals for yourself when the cafeteria or restaurants have closed. Food storage containers are great for keeping leftovers fresh for days when you don’t have time to cook, and microwaves and toaster ovens can heat food in a pinch while you’re running off to class. When there’s a big exam or a project deadline approaching, coffee made fresh from your own coffee pot can help fuel your late-night study sessions.

How can I stay organized?

Lectures and studying can leave little time for anything else, so it’s important to have the right tools to succeed. Desks can keep your homework and textbooks organized when you’re not using them, while college backpacks can carry your laptop and notes to class with you. Storage baskets can hold everything from your clean or dirty laundry to all your stuff when you’re moving in or out of your dorm room.

What do I need to decorate my dorm room?

How you decorate your room says a lot about you. Walmart has everything from shower caddies, towels and shower curtains for your bathroom to beanbag chairs and futons for your living room. Matching rugs and pillows can tie the room together, while curtains and lamps can brighten up your space. You can also find some dorm bedding that matches your personality and sense of style to complete your college dorm checklist.

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